When many people think of fire alarms, they may think of loud ringing bells and blinking lights that activate around the entire building and warn everyone to get out as fast as possible. But did you know that there are new advances in fire alarms that have made it possible to pinpoint the exact location of your fire, making it easier to contain and allowing the emergency responders to extinguish it much more efficiently? Addressable fire alarm systems are much more technologically advanced and represent a whole new level of fire protection for your building.

Conventional Systems are a proven technology protecting many hundreds of thousands of properties around the world. A Conventional Fire Alarm System is usually the natural choice for smaller systems and where budget is a decision factor.

In a typical Conventional Fire Alarm System the intelligence of the fire system is solely within the Fire Alarm Control Panel which receives a trigger signal from a detector and then signals the same thing to other devices in the building such as alarm sounders.

Conventional detectors are normally connected to the Fire Control Panel with dedicated circuit with each circuit protecting a designated zone of the building.